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April 22, 2010:
900 MHz Salt Tolerant Cold Probe Installed

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What sequences do you have available for immediate use?

A: We have optimized parameter sets and sequences available that are based on Lewis Kay's library for all of the standard TROSY and non-TROSY backbone assignment experiments. We are adding to and improving these sequences as well. If you have a particular experiment that you would like to run, let us know in advance of your time slot and we will make sure that it is set up for use. We want you to be able to collect the best possible data at our facility.

Q: What is your policy on remote operation?

A: We are happy to accept samples from outside institutions. We have an expert available full time to assist in setting up experiments remotely. There is no charge for this service.

Q: When will the cold probe become available?

A: The cold probe is now available!

Q: How much spectrometer time can I request?

A: We are offering substantial blocks of time to our users so that multiple or long experiments can be run. The actual amount of time will depend on demand, but it is possible that time requests up to 2 weeks long may be accommodated.